Monday, December 16, 2013

Do you have a mending day?

Last week Miss Morgan and I talked about a hole in her skirt and how she was going to throw it away!  So, grandmamma introduced her to the fact that people do repair their items. She just smiled...then I told her that some folks have a mending basket and once a week they sit down and fix items in the basket...
So the next day Miss Morgan brings over a big bag of items to fix... She brought her skirt to stitch...a Minnie Mouse Chair.... a giraffe whom lost his eye in battle with a puppy...and a 3 eyed monster who had a droopy eye...
This truly changed my minds eye on what goes in my mending basket. Thank you for stopping by and letting me share my humble joyful journey....
Hugs and Peace

Friday, December 13, 2013

Kona Cotton, Sharpies, and Rubbing Alcohol Adventures

Happy Friday to all,
This past week Miss Morgan and I did a lot of creating... We used this technique on a t-shirt and Kona Cotton too...


This is Morgan adding rubbing alcohol and the last photo is her finished project....
I know I shared about painting on Kona Cotton but alas these pictures will be posted
in January's Kona Cotton bloghop...
Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of winter is nearly here...
Hugs and Peace unto all

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Directions

Good Morning,
Some how some way... things keep changing in my life...  I have a new part time job and also have an on-line store.  My new company is
Zhunrize changes the way people shop and enables new E-Com business owners to become financially independent by creating their own economy. 
I love Zhunrize for giving me the opportunity to support my dreams.  I also feel it truly is a company set up "For the people by the people".  Imagine having a family store where the family shops and the profit goes to the family and not a big company such as  Amazon or Wal-Mart.
Right now this is a soft opening and is a ground floor opportunity...

Please have fun checking out my store and I look forward to hearing what you think... I can also help create this for you too! 
Zhunrize has over 650,000 items and constantly adding more...cell phone services, energy services, travel, home security services too! Many other services are in the works and being added almost monthly..
This is a great company with great potential...

Thank you again for reading my post and sharing my simple joys...
This was heaven sent to me as an answer to my morning prayer...
The angels delivered this to me 90 minutes later.

Hugs and Peace


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just over a year ago.... my life crashed!!!  Totally!!! 
Everything I loved at work...shifted!  Events that followed
just shattered my spirit...  I just could not be and with out
support... I became a failure.  Words truly do not have the ability
to express what I experienced.
I recently asked for information as I was gathering everything to
give to a "life coach"... but both emails were opened and viewed but no response.
So after today... I will do my best not to look back and try to understand...
Why I could not get any help at any level....
Many have listened to my journey only to be left with their jaw wide open...
wondering as I did....
But I know as I go forth... I will be successful, I will find my new calling
and it will  be something that heavenly father will be happy to see.

So just as my front page opening states...
Let each be himself, and not somebody else.
Nor Covet what others hold,
Each one has his place,
That he may best fill...

Thanks for letting me share....
I believe it is time to be the best that I can....
Hugs and Peace unto all

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pin Cushion Swap

This month I received the sweetest country chicken pincushion..... and within minutes he had a name too!  I would like to introduce you all to Checkers...  Isn't he cool.  Well don't let him know but he is going shoppin at Joanne's in a few days cause he needs red head pins to put him to work... SHHHHH

Robin was who I was to create for this month. She likes the color teal and her email addy has the word "flower" in it. So I went into my box of favorite fabrics and picked a piece by K.P. Kids & Co. by Kari Pearson for S.S. I.   It is the center fabric.  I also added a few extra treats for fun.
This swap was for two months but if your interested it is still on going.. Contact Bea at She has a very nice website and also does machine quilting...
May our week be peaceful  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

Good Day???
Every day is a good day!!!
Today, I have choosen to change how I will shop this year.... as I am not supporting shopping on Thanksgiving!!!   I choose family over materialism!

I am thankful for all my Heros that are working on this day as they help protect us and help many people in need.  My heros are Paramedics, Firemen, Nurses, Hospital staff members, Doctors and the Police too!
Our family did Thanksgiving last Saturday and it was alot of fun... A beautiful dinner with so many.... Now the best part is Thanksgiving is more than just a family day....
I think it is a great day to invite everyone over.... and that's just what my daughter did!!!   

My Kona cotton has been calling and almost at times with me.
Sooo..... next Monday is the big day to start creating...

Don't forget to check on your neighbors too... they may say, "NO" but if they are alone....they may be so happy to just have a plate of food too...  I believe it is a day that we are truly all  just one big happy family on earth...


Monday, November 18, 2013


Sew we quilt

I really love Kona Cottons...I love how many colors they have too! This is going to be a sweet bloghop! Oh, and I will be able to use my stash, Circuit, pillow forms and a little of this and that when needed!
 I was able to find my Kona stash in the mix of my stash in a short period of time. I had envisioned days of searching and only finding it after I had ordered what I but not this time!!!!
Here is a picture of the quilt top I made from a swap years gone by.... and also a picture of my stash...

 Then to make it that more special Lorene is sending me a squishy with some of her Kona to add to my creations...  This is just going to be a great adventure!!!  An added bonus will be  my granddaughter  helping to co-creator  a few of these when can I (we) begin? Is all I can think about but I still have one Halloween project to finish.... so maybe by Friday....    Hugs

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pincushion Swap

Today is a ready, set go, kinda day!!!  Today is 11/12/13...  yeap 1, 2, 3!!!
Recently I signed up for a pin cushions swap... I will be doing this next month too!  I had Bea for the first month and she loves Red, Black and White... Oh my oh me is what I thought. But I was so thankful to have Pinterest to search and see what folks have created with wool, felt, and fleece!
I took zebra fleece and put cute little red flowers and used ground walnuts for the filling. I also saw the cutest Ninja and thought Bea needs a Ninja Quilter to help her when machine quilting. His head has a magnet inside so he can stick to the bars on the quilting machine and cheer Bea on.... It was fun stepping out of my blues, greens, and purples.  I hope they are well used and loved.....

This month Turid had my name....and she made the sweetest pin cushion... it even has sweet hearts right in the center....this sure brightened my day and will be sweet to have in my sewing room.
I also have added the link....just incase you want to two months there will be more openings too.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween Adventures to all

I thought the day was totally mine but I had a Dr. appointment that just could not be cancelled due to a need to twist and torture fabric. So I was successful at finishing a towel, added finishing touches to pumpkin table topper, and also shrunk those 10 inch squares into 8 inch pinwheels.... over the past few days.



 A Sprinkle of Star dust and Zapp!!!

This wicked quilter can't wait to go shoppin for borders

A Caldron roll please....
Our wildly wicked winner is...
as I graduated in 1979 :)
So please join me with a
wicked tap of our brooms for
Thank you again for stopping by and
do stop back by...
Wicked Wild Hugs to All



Monday, October 28, 2013

Wicked Blog Hop

Happy Wicked Blop Hop to all,

Thank You for visiting my blog and also for allowing me to play on this wicked event. One wicked month ago, I was able to spend a few days with Lorene up in Williams, Az. Sadly, Lorene caught a wicked cold, our water heater got wickedly cold, and we had wickedly sweet candy treats.  Yet, we were  able to create the items below, a few that are not ready, and dreamed up a few more for the future.
I was a good witch in training and hung up all my project out on a clothes line for your viewing.
I am doing a drawing and to be wicked.....I shall of these items on the clothes line will be our raffle gift....isn't this wickedly wild just wondering which one!!!!

I have also created during this wildly wicked sewing adventure three other items but since I am a witch in training I invite you back on October 31st to see the quilts below be magically transformed into finished projects and not put in the UFO worm hole...
Halloween Table Topper will have Halloween charm added
Witches Wearing Wild Heels will have wicket stitches added
5 inch wicked scrappy laptop just may have binding
Then....for a final haunt able item  the 10 inch squares will be wickedly worked on so that the blocks are twisted into pinwheels
Sure hope my sewing time isn't wickedly absorbed with wicked things like: laundry, dishes, cooking....


Thank You again for stopping by... Before you leave please pick a number between 1-300 and post under comments. We are all a perfect 100, 10 and number 1, so these numbers will not be used in our drawing. Also do check that your number hasn't been wickedly used by a drooling contestant  with wickedly good taste in numbers just like you.  
Here is a list of all the other wild wicked creators of magical items that warm the heart and soul...


Pretty Pouch Swap

Hurray for swaps and squishes in the mail!! I was able to swap with Anna from Australia. She made me a beautiful sewing pouch with a sweet fairy hiding amongst the flowers. It will be well used and taken on many sewing adventures. My package was also filled with sweet treats, hot chocolates and cool pens.

I love using plastic screen for sewing projects. I have a few of these pouches and they are great for keeping track of projects and for projects on the go too. I also threw in a Tupperware grapefruit peeler and chop sticks as I use these when turning projects or stuffing. It was a lot of fun creating for someone else and hope they are used to create many projects

Hugs and Peace unto all,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pretty Pouch Swap...

This is soooooo cute...

Pouch Swap Button photo prettypouchswapbutton_zps356c3567.png
Lorene sent me the link and I started to drool, thinking of fabrics I would like to use and then it hit me.. it is a swap. I am going to be lucky and make a new quilting friend(s) and exchange beautiful Pretty Pouches too.
If you would like to join in, please email the hostess and I am sure she will be excited to have us all playing.  
Have a sweet peaceful matter what adventure you are pursuing    Hugs

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Good day,
It kinda feels like the moment you are opening your last gift and know its going to be a full year before another xmas morning.  So... we are going to kick it up a notch... See my grandson picked the number 100 and my husband goes thru the numbers and says.... Hunie...ya got two winners...  See Lj and Bonnie Pfrimmer. Imagine 99 and 101 where picked. Yeap smack dab almost kinda in the middle.
I think it will be fun to make another pillow but will need to extend mailing date until Friday.
Ho Ho Ho....snowmen will be in the mail and hope they don't melt... :)
What have I been doing for fun?  I started both grandkids birthday quilts and made a batch of tortillas yesterday. But I believe we have a tortilla they are gone. So, I will be making a new batch of tortillas today and enjoying a peaceful day...
congrats to both winners and stop back by to see my simple joys and creations....

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Every Holiday to all...

Thank you to both of our great hostesses  as this just couldn't happen without their great love of sharing and caring. I am so thankful that I got to play too!
 I was able to create Amy Bradley's penguin quilt and these lovely penguins live in Las Vegas, so they just had to have a bold border with snowflakes that would not melt. I just love Nancy Halverson's books and was so happy to be able to make Fa La La La and the snowmen pillow from her latest book. My red pillow definitely will reflect our mood as one side reads Naughty and the other side reads Nice. The square snowman pillow has minky for his face and is oh so fun to lay on. I love textures!  The last pillow is a red poinsettia and I found the pattern at

My final quilt is a Sock Quilt.

Thank You for stopping by... I am also doing a drawing... please post under comments and pick a number between 0-200 but we all know that we are number 1 and a perfect please do not pick 1 or 10. Also do double check that your number was not already posted. I know its a bit of work but well worth it.   My grandson will pick the number and then do the math of who is the closest to the number he picked.  I love to have him use math in real life when ever we can. Oh and to share my drawing gift... it is Nancy Halverson's snowmen pillow. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

P.S.  You just may see a few of these items on Loveable Lorene's blog times we can get into a lot of mischief.... but alas.... Santa we can explain.... we love to play with fabric and friends... really!

                           Hope your having  a peaceful day and enjoying surfing the web with Santa..... Hugs  Vicki

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Super Heros

Oh my... I have to admit that I have Super Heros... I am in love with Gru from Despeciable me...he just gives so much love to those little girls. Then how could I not idolize Iron Man as in Advengers he was finally ready to give his life for the world. Thor saved earth and still had unconditional love for his brother.  Oh and then there is the FBI agent that gave his life to take on Loki and he had no super powers other than a love for man kind.
Today, Lorene sent me a link to  
I love to sew and some days just can't squeeze it in but.... alas my super hero's know best... I just have to listen to them for now on.....

Happy sewing to all,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pillow Case Dresses

Monday we finished making 3 pillow case dresses. My granddaughter enjoys sitting on my lap when sewing. I enjoy our time together and she loves to see what my new projects are. We are also doing redwork blocks of Hello Kitty but I will save that for another post.  She just maybe a future sewist...

Monday, July 29, 2013

I love blog hops... it is a big reason why I created a blog. My first blog hop was Bowls with Borders. Then Lorene was doing one with flowers and she posted mine with hers too. So, it truly was time for me to create a blog. I am officially in the Ho Ho Ho Hop and so glad I did too!  I was able to finish a few projects, create a few new pillows, and had my grandson help make a few gifts using etching cream. I also had a lot of fun making a gift for a drawing. This is just too much fun! Off to work on a my Hexies...but alas I missed the sign up. Have a sweet day... Hugs

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Adventure with Grand Kids

This summer we are exploring Hendersons Parks that have Splash Pads.  We have gone to Mission Hills Park and Acacia Park. This coming week we will also go explore two others. There is no charge to have fun and many families enjoy these special parks.  There are 10 Splash Pad Parks to explore too!
We also found that at Heritage Park they have a Splash Pad just for dogs. Imagine that!!!  So, I think my puppy and grand puppy will be having a play date soon too!  Oh the things I do for fun. Here is a sweet picture of my two grandchildren playing at the Mission Hills Park. Thanks for stopping by..... Hugs

Monday, June 10, 2013

Today is the day that I officially start my blog!
Hurray for new beginnings and new adventures...
I originally wanted to post a drawing of flying elephants (elephant fairies) but I could not make it work, it just didn't pop. So, I used a search engine and found a wonderful site with vintage artwork.Here is the website addy just in case you collect images or would like to read the three page story.
My artwork comes from a story posted in December 1898 issue of St. Nicholas magazine, An Island Fable, and was written by Alvred Bayard. I enjoyed reading the short story and just loved  the moral of the story. So if your a bit more curious check it out with a glass of lemonade or cup of tea.
Thanks for stopping by.....