Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Directions

Good Morning,
Some how some way... things keep changing in my life...  I have a new part time job and also have an on-line store.  My new company is
Zhunrize changes the way people shop and enables new E-Com business owners to become financially independent by creating their own economy. 
I love Zhunrize for giving me the opportunity to support my dreams.  I also feel it truly is a company set up "For the people by the people".  Imagine having a family store where the family shops and the profit goes to the family and not a big company such as  Amazon or Wal-Mart.
Right now this is a soft opening and is a ground floor opportunity...

Please have fun checking out my store and I look forward to hearing what you think... I can also help create this for you too! 
Zhunrize has over 650,000 items and constantly adding more...cell phone services, energy services, travel, home security services too! Many other services are in the works and being added almost monthly..
This is a great company with great potential...

Thank you again for reading my post and sharing my simple joys...
This was heaven sent to me as an answer to my morning prayer...
The angels delivered this to me 90 minutes later.

Hugs and Peace



  1. Replies
    1. Oh the things I cup has tilted from time to time but it is a sweet journey thanks for all your support thru all my events.... Hugs

  2. Again, Vicki, I thank you for sharing and giving me encouragement as I seek new paths to follow in my life ... you are a a treasure!

    1. Oh Wendy.... do believe.... you can do so many great things. Our journey in life can be anything we want or desire...Dream so big that others are in awe.
      Hugs and Peace