Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bags of Rags Creations

Happy Wild Wednesday to All,

I love computers, the internet, my laptop, my tablet, and my phone...but why oh why do I have times that I just get all tangled up and just can't get things to work!!!  I cannot get my pictures or videos to download... the frame freezes and it just continues to try but eventually just sits and just looks right back at you and refuses to download.
I have googled my issues but have not found help... I have even made pictures smaller too!
So I apologize for not being a guru in life...
I am just simple me...
I will continue to look for answers, help and guidance but until then....
my simple joys cannot be shared....
Hugs and Peace to all

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bags of Rags

Monday  turned into a day of play.... it is sweet to have choices and the park and outside adventures were calling us. Tuesday we picked our projects and had to choose how to dye our fabrics too. I wanted something that would be safe for Morgan to use. We used pink Kool-Aide and added Rubbing Alcohol to help the colors blend and stay on the jersey knit fabric.  We made head bands and this evening at the roller skating ring  Morgan will give momma and auntie....a sweet little gift. My three girls will have matching head bands...
Sadly, I cannot post a picture as the BlogSpot program keeps freezes and will not  download onto my blog. But we will working on resolving this quickly...  I was able to import the instructions....and are posted below....  Until next Tuesday....and we will have more fun jersey knit projects to share...
Hugs and Peace
.need me some DIY headbands... thinking i'll use jersey knit greys (could use for running to keep my ears warm)

Monday, January 27, 2014

What's a girl to do....what she does best... go shopping!!! But smart girls are learning... to open their own store and save even more... it's here girlfriends...

This is my first attempt at creating a form of advertising...
it was alot of fun....
I just might have to make this out fabric too...
Hugs and Peace

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bag of Rags Projects

A few weeks ago my husband was going to Lowe's and asked if I needed anything.... I requested my own bag of rags!!!  He told me that I had to share his bag but when returned home he bought me the biggest bag ever...

ProLine ProLine 8 Pound Bag of Rags
What a girl to do with all these ?
Check back next Tuesday and we will have show n tell
Hugs and Peace

Friday, January 17, 2014


Thanks to everyone for stopping by and viewing our projects as we had alot of fun. We were able to use Kona from my sewing room and Lorene even mailed us some of hers to help build a great selection of colors and combinations. Our projects are simple and fun just perfect for us. Also, I would never forget to share how thankful  I am for the talent and creation and work of Madame Samm, Carol and Amanda Murphy. Each bloghop is something to mark on the calendar, to view and drool....
Our Reading Spot

I used my Cricut to cut out templets

Morgan loves to paint.

My Grandchildren and I will enjoy the new pillows and cover as we spend time reading.
 Have a great weekend.... 
January 17
January 20
January 21

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Super Hero's Birthday Quilt

I think I maybe the one  who loves super heros the most but this quilt definitely says nine year old boy all over it.
We kinda hit a bump as I some how bumped my machine and the timing went out. But hubby watched the videos and was able to get her back up and running.
Now, I have to unstitch my mess but it's all my fault...I kept pushing the machine and doing everything and anything to adjust it.... as I really wanted it ready for that special day.
Here is a picture of it prior to loading on frame and this weekend I will be like a frog and ripbit ripbit the morning away.
Until tomorrow......

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunrise Kona Sunset Blog Hop

Happy Monday to all,
I am so pleased to be able to play in this blog hop.... I still have things to do to be ready but I have my sweet Morgan helping me create, staying on task, and wanting to do it all... she is the best 4 year old sewing friend a grandmamma could have.
Well, I got a few things to do before tomorrow morning, as I am creating pumpkin muffins to eat for breakfast while viewing and drooling over all the fine projects.
Down below is the most recent posting about our bloghop...
Are you awake? No? Maybe just a little?
Well, tomorrow you better be prepared to
Wake Up To Kona!

Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt has the whole scoop about Wake Up To Kona
Thanks for dropping by... Hugs and Peace to all