Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween Adventures to all

I thought the day was totally mine but I had a Dr. appointment that just could not be cancelled due to a need to twist and torture fabric. So I was successful at finishing a towel, added finishing touches to pumpkin table topper, and also shrunk those 10 inch squares into 8 inch pinwheels.... over the past few days.



 A Sprinkle of Star dust and Zapp!!!

This wicked quilter can't wait to go shoppin for borders

A Caldron roll please....
Our wildly wicked winner is...
as I graduated in 1979 :)
So please join me with a
wicked tap of our brooms for
Thank you again for stopping by and
do stop back by...
Wicked Wild Hugs to All



Monday, October 28, 2013

Wicked Blog Hop

Happy Wicked Blop Hop to all,

Thank You for visiting my blog and also for allowing me to play on this wicked event. One wicked month ago, I was able to spend a few days with Lorene up in Williams, Az. Sadly, Lorene caught a wicked cold, our water heater got wickedly cold, and we had wickedly sweet candy treats.  Yet, we were  able to create the items below, a few that are not ready, and dreamed up a few more for the future.
I was a good witch in training and hung up all my project out on a clothes line for your viewing.
I am doing a drawing and to be wicked.....I shall of these items on the clothes line will be our raffle gift....isn't this wickedly wild just wondering which one!!!!

I have also created during this wildly wicked sewing adventure three other items but since I am a witch in training I invite you back on October 31st to see the quilts below be magically transformed into finished projects and not put in the UFO worm hole...
Halloween Table Topper will have Halloween charm added
Witches Wearing Wild Heels will have wicket stitches added
5 inch wicked scrappy laptop just may have binding
Then....for a final haunt able item  the 10 inch squares will be wickedly worked on so that the blocks are twisted into pinwheels
Sure hope my sewing time isn't wickedly absorbed with wicked things like: laundry, dishes, cooking....


Thank You again for stopping by... Before you leave please pick a number between 1-300 and post under comments. We are all a perfect 100, 10 and number 1, so these numbers will not be used in our drawing. Also do check that your number hasn't been wickedly used by a drooling contestant  with wickedly good taste in numbers just like you.  
Here is a list of all the other wild wicked creators of magical items that warm the heart and soul...


Pretty Pouch Swap

Hurray for swaps and squishes in the mail!! I was able to swap with Anna from Australia. She made me a beautiful sewing pouch with a sweet fairy hiding amongst the flowers. It will be well used and taken on many sewing adventures. My package was also filled with sweet treats, hot chocolates and cool pens.

I love using plastic screen for sewing projects. I have a few of these pouches and they are great for keeping track of projects and for projects on the go too. I also threw in a Tupperware grapefruit peeler and chop sticks as I use these when turning projects or stuffing. It was a lot of fun creating for someone else and hope they are used to create many projects

Hugs and Peace unto all,