Monday, December 2, 2013

Pin Cushion Swap

This month I received the sweetest country chicken pincushion..... and within minutes he had a name too!  I would like to introduce you all to Checkers...  Isn't he cool.  Well don't let him know but he is going shoppin at Joanne's in a few days cause he needs red head pins to put him to work... SHHHHH

Robin was who I was to create for this month. She likes the color teal and her email addy has the word "flower" in it. So I went into my box of favorite fabrics and picked a piece by K.P. Kids & Co. by Kari Pearson for S.S. I.   It is the center fabric.  I also added a few extra treats for fun.
This swap was for two months but if your interested it is still on going.. Contact Bea at She has a very nice website and also does machine quilting...
May our week be peaceful  

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