Thursday, August 1, 2013

Super Heros

Oh my... I have to admit that I have Super Heros... I am in love with Gru from Despeciable me...he just gives so much love to those little girls. Then how could I not idolize Iron Man as in Advengers he was finally ready to give his life for the world. Thor saved earth and still had unconditional love for his brother.  Oh and then there is the FBI agent that gave his life to take on Loki and he had no super powers other than a love for man kind.
Today, Lorene sent me a link to  
I love to sew and some days just can't squeeze it in but.... alas my super hero's know best... I just have to listen to them for now on.....

Happy sewing to all,


  1. that pic still makes me smile! I have looked at it about a dozen times. LOL......

  2. We had you on the schedule for our ho ho ho hop, please let us know when you are up...

  3. hope all is well with you and you are just running late for the hop.

  4. great job on your quilts. I might have to make a sock quilt to I think it would be a great quilt to add to my Christmas quilt collection.
    thanks for sharing
    in stitches