Sunday, August 11, 2013

Good day,
It kinda feels like the moment you are opening your last gift and know its going to be a full year before another xmas morning.  So... we are going to kick it up a notch... See my grandson picked the number 100 and my husband goes thru the numbers and says.... Hunie...ya got two winners...  See Lj and Bonnie Pfrimmer. Imagine 99 and 101 where picked. Yeap smack dab almost kinda in the middle.
I think it will be fun to make another pillow but will need to extend mailing date until Friday.
Ho Ho Ho....snowmen will be in the mail and hope they don't melt... :)
What have I been doing for fun?  I started both grandkids birthday quilts and made a batch of tortillas yesterday. But I believe we have a tortilla they are gone. So, I will be making a new batch of tortillas today and enjoying a peaceful day...
congrats to both winners and stop back by to see my simple joys and creations....

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