Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pincushion Swap

Today is a ready, set go, kinda day!!!  Today is 11/12/13...  yeap 1, 2, 3!!!
Recently I signed up for a pin cushions swap... I will be doing this next month too!  I had Bea for the first month and she loves Red, Black and White... Oh my oh me is what I thought. But I was so thankful to have Pinterest to search and see what folks have created with wool, felt, and fleece!
I took zebra fleece and put cute little red flowers and used ground walnuts for the filling. I also saw the cutest Ninja and thought Bea needs a Ninja Quilter to help her when machine quilting. His head has a magnet inside so he can stick to the bars on the quilting machine and cheer Bea on.... It was fun stepping out of my blues, greens, and purples.  I hope they are well used and loved.....

This month Turid had my name....and she made the sweetest pin cushion... it even has sweet hearts right in the center....this sure brightened my day and will be sweet to have in my sewing room.
I also have added the link....just incase you want to play...in two months there will be more openings too.     


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  1. that quilt ninja is pretty cute! you did great, but you always do! hugs....