Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween Adventures to all

I thought the day was totally mine but I had a Dr. appointment that just could not be cancelled due to a need to twist and torture fabric. So I was successful at finishing a towel, added finishing touches to pumpkin table topper, and also shrunk those 10 inch squares into 8 inch pinwheels.... over the past few days.



 A Sprinkle of Star dust and Zapp!!!

This wicked quilter can't wait to go shoppin for borders

A Caldron roll please....
Our wildly wicked winner is...
as I graduated in 1979 :)
So please join me with a
wicked tap of our brooms for
Thank you again for stopping by and
do stop back by...
Wicked Wild Hugs to All




  1. Love your quilt and the close up of your pumpkin piece as I didn't see the cute bat in the corner in your previous post. Enjoy your shopping adventure.