Monday, November 18, 2013


Sew we quilt

I really love Kona Cottons...I love how many colors they have too! This is going to be a sweet bloghop! Oh, and I will be able to use my stash, Circuit, pillow forms and a little of this and that when needed!
 I was able to find my Kona stash in the mix of my stash in a short period of time. I had envisioned days of searching and only finding it after I had ordered what I but not this time!!!!
Here is a picture of the quilt top I made from a swap years gone by.... and also a picture of my stash...

 Then to make it that more special Lorene is sending me a squishy with some of her Kona to add to my creations...  This is just going to be a great adventure!!!  An added bonus will be  my granddaughter  helping to co-creator  a few of these when can I (we) begin? Is all I can think about but I still have one Halloween project to finish.... so maybe by Friday....    Hugs

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  1. oh I love how your quilt turned out!!! I need to find those blocks. Maybe I might have a pretty quilt if I put the I don't know where they are pinwheel blocks! hugs...